Music therapy service for 0-11 year olds

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We offer music therapy, tailored for young people's needs

Our music therapist serves multiple primary schools in the Southwark borough, extending our reach to support young learners. Their role involves conducting group sessions for groups of 3-5 young individuals at a time, in addition to offering personalised one-on-one sessions.

Therapeutic Group Sessions | 3-5 people

Our music therapist extends their support to multiple primary schools in Southwark, offering small group sessions and personalized one-on-one interventions, ensuring a comprehensive approach to address young learners’ needs.

Collaborating with The Nest’s Clinical Lead, our therapeutic group sessions aim to boost communication and social skills among participants, empowering young minds to flourish academically and personally.

Personalised 1:1 sessions

With term-based sessions spanning 10-14 weeks, our program provides structured and consistent support, allowing children to make meaningful progress in their social, emotional, and mental development.

What are the next steps?

Make a referral and our service manager will be happy to contact you regarding your request and work best to figure out how we can accommodate your school’s needs.

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Does your child attend to one of the following schools?

If yes, contact the school directly to find out if your child can be referred for our support.

Ivydale Primary School

St Francis Catholic Primary School - Peckham

John Ruskin School

Dog Kennel Hill Primary School

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